Ariana and Justin leaving Vancouver, Canada

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OMG! I didn't know it! I'm glad you're alright! Get well soon baby :) blessing for ya! :)

im all better now. :)

hi, i hope you get better real soon. :) i LOVE your fanfics. so uh, yeah. i can't even wait for chapter 10, sdkhjdvf


omg i miss you all sooo much, thank you and i’m updating atm. :’) THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH.


I have decided to put the story on hold for awhile. As some of you know, I got into a car accident but i am totally fine. :) some of the glass just cut my leg and all but I’m still breathing. HAHA I’ll update soon. Once again, I love you all. xoxo

I decided to start the new story today, i just need one more vote.

cm’on yall VOTEEEE :)

message me what story you want me to start :)

Chapter nine.


I decided to update today because I felt hyper and I was really in the mood. haha so yeah. Enjoy babies! :)

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Oh Goshhhhhhhhhhh, that Tyler guy! Poor Audrey :( aren't u continuing this story? :) <3 love it! :)

omg yes. I’ve decided to continue because so many people want to find out what’s next. I’m actually writing the next chapter right now :)

Hi I've been reading the story you're currently writing and I have to say this is absolutely one of my favorite Jariana fanfiction stories. I would love for you to write more of the story because I'm madly in love with it. Chapter 8 was awesome! PLEASE write more!!! IM in love!! xoxo ♥

omg are you serious? this means so much to me. i’m honestly so happy rn :) thank you. haha im so speechless. :p